Solar PV Module

Here are some of the key features of PV modules:


  • Good performance under high temperature and low irradiance conditions
  • Uniquely designed profile ensuring strong mechanical loading performance
  • Positive power output tolerance

Aging and consistent output

  • Good aging resistance
  • Strong durability performance
  • Excellent heat emission performance


  • Excellent efficiency
  • Long term reliability
  • IP65 protection


Polycrystalline silicon cells are a great value-for-money product. They are called polycrystalline because they are manufactured using multiple melted fragments of silicon to form wafers that the panel uses. Our polycrystalline photovoltaic (PV) modules are highly efficient systems because of several reasons.
We use only high-quality material for manufacturing its polycrystalline PV models. The equipment we use is sourced from top suppliers and is modern and high-precision. Finished goods are put through stringent quality standards to ensure that only products that we can be proud of reach you.


Mono crystalline solar panels are of superior quality in performance. They are the best option at locations that have space constraints.
Silicon is shaped into bars and then it is cut into wafers. The result gives single-crystal silicon and the cell is composed of a single crystal. Because the monocrystalline cell is a single delivery, there are no barriers or walls to restrict the movement of electrons. As a result, the electrons get more space to move. The ease of this free movement gives them an edge over other products.