Manufacturing Edge

With the Technology updating, we boost up our energy with one of the biggest and largest ETC / FPC manufacturing plants as we want to deliver to the best that’s why find our self in new premise, so we could match the demand of our customer and deliver goods on the given promise time.

We boast of a state-of-the-art sheet metal shop for the supporting structure of Solar Water Heater, with the fabrication process carried out with world-class Machines.

Automated welding: improved weld quality, increased output, decreased scrap, and decreased variable labor costs. Weld quality consists of two factors: weld integrity and repeatability. Automated welding systems ensure weld integrity through electronic weld process controllers. Combining mechanized torch and part motions with an electronic recall of welding parameters results in a higher quality weld than can be accomplished manually. This offers instantaneous quality control.

Furthermore, because a weld is made only once, defects are readily visible and detectable. Humans tend to “smooth over” a mistake with the torch, hiding lack of penetration or a possibly flawed weld. In some cases, leak testing and vision systems can be integrated into fully automated systems to provide additional quality control.

We have a high-pressure puff injection machine, with a constant temperature control unit. High-pressure puff injection is responsible for a uniform puff density throughout the tank, Which ensures very low overnight heat loss due to High Puff Injection stable granule structure of insulation is achieved.

We have a sophisticated Flat Plate Collector Manufacturing Facility as per BIS certification making it a Leader in ISI-approved collector Manufacturers. Raw materials used in the process are BIS standard certified. The FPC passed a hydraulic test @ 5/KG cm™ as a part of the stringent quality process.

The company strives to accomplish and maintain the finest quality of products in the industry. To achieve this, the company has developed a sophisticated in-house laboratory equipped with the latest microprocessors-based equipment, a laboratory for stage inspection, a computerized spectrometer for instant metal analysis, and an advanced R&D division. Strict adherence to quality to make the products superiors and incomparable in the market forms the guiding principle for every product.