Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heating System: 

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heating System works with a proven high performance & power-saving technology and is regarded as 4th generation water heater. It is unique because approximately 75% of total heat energy generated is absorbed from surrounding air & 25% from electricity


KS Power air source heat pumps can supply domestic/commercial hot water and/or house heating. With the 3-way valve, the heat pump controller can change the circulating direction of water between the hot water tank and house heating system and set hot water as a priority.


  • Reclaim Energy Typically Wasted 
  • Highly Energy Efficient 
  • Faster Investment Payback 
  • Small Carbon Footprint – Identified as a Green Technology 
  • Plug & Play operation 
  • With compact design require a very small area for installation 
  • Excellently engineered design, best in performance & aesthetics 
  • Maintenance-free 
  • Operation 24 x 7 x 365